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Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Assemble
Status: Concluded



 Written by PAUL CORNELL
 Plot by WHITORO
 The Unshaper Part I
 Dane Whitman escapes unharmed from a massive explosions. He just saved an ancient artifact from the clutches of the Cult of the Kill, a massive worldwide religion that believe that murder is the only way to reach heaven. The maniacs where trying to find something, a weapon that could help them achieve their dreams of total global annihilation. What is the damn Unshaper?! Dane will have to walk the Earth and reach the darkest pit of Amazonia to answer this question!
 Meanwhile, carrying his own Ebony Blade, the Black Knight of Tomorrow comes out of a temporal wormhole into the present day. He’s here for Whitman’s head… he won’t stop until he has it.
 32PGS./Rated T $2.99


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