Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Sci-Fi Marvel
Status: Ongoing


 Written by Chris Eliopoulos
 Plot by SuperCooper
 Art by Stuart Immonen
 Location: The Good Ship Franklin (aka a mobile airship/helicarrier)
 Concept: Nannies no more! The HERBIE (Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics) droids have left the confines of the Baxter Building to make an impact on the world...and maybe make a little cash for a permanent office building, too! They'll wash your windows, fight your dragons, explore your underground labyrinths, and feed your cat! All you've gotta do is call H.E.R.B.I.E.!
 1. H.E.R.B.I.E. (various)
 a. HERBIE Alpha
 b. HERBIE 34
 c. HERBIE 2000
 d. FURBIE (Feline Ubiquitous Robot, B-type, Intelligence Elevated)
 Supporting: The Thing (Benjamin J. Grimm), Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, Master Xar
 Villains: Awesome Android, Dr. Sun, Baxter the Living Building*, Stegron



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