Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Marvel Knights
Status: Ongoing


 Writer: Ed Brubaker
 Artist: Matteo Scalera
 Tagline: When darkness engulfs the city, they will fight in the shadows!
 Location: New York City
 1. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
 2. Black Cat
 3. Blade (Fallon Grey)
 4. Cloak & Dagger
 5. Moon Knight
 6. Solitaire (Nicholas Lone)
 Supporting: Sister Maggie Murdock, Damage Control (Various Members), Frenchie (Jean-Paul Duchamp), Silhouette
 Antagonists: Unknown Darkness, Carnage, Griz (Mac Garrity), Folding Circle (Various Members), The Hand (Various Members), Kraven the Hunter, The Rev (Samuel Smith)
 Reserve: Lynn Michaels, Matt Slade (Bounty Hunter), Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor), Shriek, Styx & Stone



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