Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Marvel Knights
Status: Ongoing


 Writer: Paul Grist
 Artists: Paul Grist
 Tagline: The UK's finest heroes since World War II!
 Location: Falsworth Manor, London
 1. Union Jack (Joseph Chapman) (Member of Secret Avengers on GLOBAL line)
 2. Spitfire
 Supporting: Joseph Hauer (Director of MI13), Dai Thomas, Elsa Bloodstone, Roger Aubrey
 Antagonists: Baron Blood & Der Blutsauger, The Bane (Servants of the Red Lord), Emma Steed, Gena-Sys Labs (Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey, Tanuta Umbotha, Victor Sternwood), Magpie, Master Man (Max Lohmer)
 Reserve: Knights of Pendragon (Albion, Black Axe, Dark Angel, Kylun, Tink), Alistaire & Alysande Stuart (MI13 Agents), Falsworth Family (Past & Present), Free Spirit, Jack Flag



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